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Taxidermist, Bill Clark

Taxidermist, Bill Clark

Having been in the restaurant industry for most of my career I felt I needed a change. As an avid outdoorsman I began to realize my growing interest in taxidermy. In 2001 after shooting my largest buck to date and finding out that the taxidermist and school I wanted to attend had closed I decided I needed to look elsewhere.

Joe Boggs of Artistic Taxidermy had the one-on-one training I was looking for. …With Joe, I experienced many areas of taxidermy work, including, game head taxidermy, bird taxidermy, fish and mammal taxidermy.  I also observed various African animals and carcass casting.  At the beginning of my sixth month with Joe, I entered three pieces in the Indiana State Taxidermy Competition where I received three third place ribbons for my work…….After opening Open Acres Taxidermy in October 2003, I competed in the VTA (Virginia Taxidermist Association) in March 2004.  I received six ribbons including two second place ribbons at the VTA.

Taxidermy is a field of continued learning, artisanship and perfecting new and ever changing methods.  It is with this belief that I would like to bring your trophy to life, whether it’s the buck of a lifetime or your child’s first fish.

Take a look below at our gallery of hunts we have done over the years with friends and family.