Shipping Game

To make sure you get a quality mount, proper care and quick shipment is extremely crucial. The most important step in trophy care is to get your trophy cooled as soon as possible. The sooner you can get your trophy cooled, the less the chance that bacteria can begin deteriorating the specimen’s tissue.

When you are ready to ship your trophy for mounting, please make sure it is completely frozen. The best thing to do is to get a styrofoam container or cooler to place the trophy in and package for shipping. Another way to get around this is to line the box with several layers of newspaper to create a sort of insulation. Be sure to ship your trophy next day air, and please include a note describing how you want the trophy preserved. I also ask that you call me before you you ship the trophy, so that I know that it is on it’s way and can make sure someone will be able to receive it properly.

If you aren’t local to the area (Southeastern Virginia, Hampton Roads, North Eastern North Carolina) you may consider shipping your mount to us. Federal and State laws require specific documentation to accompany bird/mammal species during shipping. If you are interested in shipping your mount to Open Acres Taxidermy, please call to discuss the details and the most economical shipping method.